A True Survivor // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

The Hayward community is proud of Tina Scheer, for her wonderful, but brief performance on the Survivor Panama television program.

It was, indeed, unfortunate that Tina was the first one to be voted off the island.

She was obviously the most qualified contestant on her team — found the water, started the fire, build the shelter, led them in prayer and caught the fish with her bare hands!

Nevertheless, three intimidated and insecure teammates ganged up on her and gave her the axe. It will be interesting to see how the lesser women will fare without her.

Still dealing daily with the heavy grief of losing her wonderful son, Charlie, Tina has determined to keep moving forward with her life. It’s the hardest thing a person can experience — and yet, she is walking through that dark valley with dignity, trusting God to give her strength for one day at a time.

Survivor is a game — a “reality show.” In reality, apart from “show” Tina is a True Survivor in every sense of the word.

She may have not won the million dollar prize, but she certainly won the hearts of viewers across our land.

In my book, she’s a real champion, and I know the entire Hayward community agrees.

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