At the Launching of a Brand New Year // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

At the launching of a brand new year I banish care and doubt from here.
The Old we leave without a tear, The New embrace without a fear!
Behind us lies our history. Before us lies uncertainty.
We must step boldly into the new horizon,
Unhindered by misgivings
Undaunted by anxieties.

Certainly, we have plenty of things to worry about. If we allow it, concerns can seep into the soul
and corrode the joy.
We can worry about the state of the world – terrorism, war, security.
We can worry about the economy – investments, debt, retirement.
We can worry about relationships – conflicts, misunderstandings, unresolved issues.
We don’t have to look far to find cares of every kind.
Yet, in the face of it all – God is alive and well! He understands what He’s doing and has it all
under control! He is good on his Word, and never fails!
Corrie Ten Boom said, “God has no problems, only plans!”
When God is in the picture, 2002 looks a lot better.

Some key questions:
What am I going to do with this year?
How am I going to invest it to make a difference?
A year from now, when I look back, what do I want to have accomplished?
How can I make the most of it?
What would faith and wisdom have me do?
Time is here and then it passes away, never to be regained. Do we truly understand the value –
the preciousness – of each moment?

The poet, Robert Herrick reminds us of this urgency: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may; Old
Time is still a-flying. And this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying.

Make the most of the moments and remember, the New Year brings 365 days of opportunity.

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