Enthusiasm Makes the Difference! // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Sir Edward Appleton, the Nobel Prize winner for physics, was once asked the secret of
tremendous success.

“Enthusiasm!” he replied.

Yes, an attitude of enthusiasm is often the key ingredient for successful living.
“Go-Getters” are enthusiastic about life. You can’t make things happen without this
important quality. It goes with the territory.

Think of a person you know who is enthusiastic. How does this person handle life? How
does he/she react when faced with problems and disappointments? What qualities does
this person possess that seem extraordinary? Observe carefully.

The seeds of enthusiasm must be cultivated, watered and nurtured before they grow and
blossom. You must desire to have enthusiasm and reach for it before it will become a
reality in your life.

Without enthusiasm we are, as Voltaire describes, “like a warming over — always heating
but never cooking anything.”

Enthusiasm is the heat that brings us to a boil! It’s the rich quality of life that bubbles over.

A person filled with enthusiasm sees life from a fresh, new perspective:
Every day is a challenge, not a curse.
Problems are opportunities, not obstacles.
The future is bright, not dim.
Success is attainable, not impossible.
Joy comes from giving, not hoarding.
Life is exciting, not boring.
Tomorrow will be faced with courage, not fear.
Crisis reveals self-confidence, not self pity.
God is present, not distant.

Light up the fires of enthusiasm within yourself. Don’t just endure life — live it!

Enthusiasm makes the difference!

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