God Doesn’t Make Junk! // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

“I’m the greatest baseball player in the world!” the little boy exclaimed as he threw the ball into the air and swung his bat. Swoosh! The child missed the ball. “I’m the greatest baseball player in the world!” he shouted again. A second time he tossed up the ball . . . and missed. Undaunted, he picked up the ball and said for the third time, “I’m the greatest baseball player in the world!” Once again, he threw the ball into the air, but only sliced the wind with his bat. “Wow!” the kid marveled, “What a pitcher!”

Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had such a positive attitude? Most of us take our failures too personally. One bad thing happens, and we mope around, whining and complaining like it’s the end of the world. We open the door to discouragement when we attach our self-worth to our circumstances. If something good happens, we feel great about ourselves. When the situation becomes difficult, we lose confidence and cave into doubts and fears.

People couldn’t help but notice the elderly gentleman crawling around on the floor of a crowded movie theater. “What in the world are you doing?” an annoyed lady asked. “I dropped my caramel.”, he replied. “Aren’t you going to a lot of work for a lousy old piece of candy?” the lady wondered. As the old man continued his search, he responded, “But man, my false teeth are attached to it.”

We need to stop attaching our feelings to our situations. Some people are like thermometers. They go up and down according to the heat of the moment. Others are like thermostats. They are able to keep a handle on things and can keep “cool”, even in a boiling mess. What about you? Have you attached your self-esteem to your circumstances? Do you find yourself reacting rather than responding? Do you beat yourself up whenever you don’t “measure up”?

Relax and remember this important truth – God created you and he doesn’t make junk!

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