How to Solve Problem // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Problems can be overwhelming. If we let them, they can take over our lives.

The good news is that all problems can be solved! If it can’t be solved, then it’s not really a problem — just a fact of life!

How to Solve Your Problem:

1. Think “solution” rather than problem. Every problem contains the seeds of its own solution.

2. Define the problem clearly on paper — write it out. Merely stewing about a situation keeps it in the “fuzzy” realm. Writing it down brings things into focus.

3. Look at the problem from different perspectives. Why is this a problem? Who thinks this is a problem? What will it take to make this “not-a-problem.”

4. Consider all the people involved? Who is helping make it a problem? Who can help make a solution? Who is bringing negative energy into the situation? Who is bringing positive energy?

5. Pray about it. Ask God for wisdom to determine the best course of action.

6. Organize to divide and conquer the problem. Break it down into manageable parts.

7. What obstacles/challenges stand in the way of a solution?

8. What resources can I bring into this situation?

9. Write down at least 10 possible solutions to the problem. Refuse to think in terms of “either/or”. Think outside the box!

10. Play out the scenarios in your mind — If I do this, then this is likely to happen.

11. After prayerful reflection, choose the path that seems best and pursue it.

12. Don’t let small thinkers stop you from making the right decision.

13. If you hit a wall, back up and examine it again.

14. Remind yourself: God is bigger than any problem I have!

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