Look for the Gold // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Two men went cave exploring. It was a dark, damp, dirty place.

A few hours later, the first man returned to the entrance. He was covered with dirt and grime from head to foot. He complained about his horrible experience. “Nobody in his right mind ought to go into that place!” he declared. “I’ll never go near there again.”

When the second fellow emerged from the cave, he, too, was filthy — covered with dirt and grime from head to foot.

There was one major difference, however, between the two men – the second guy came out with a hand full of gold nuggets!

They both found the dirt — but the second man found some gold along the way.

That’s the way life is.

You are going to have some “dark cave” experiences. That’s a guarantee. Life is packed full of problems and difficulties.

As you experience the dirt of life, you will be tempted to complain and be negative.

You must remember, however, that “thar’s gold in them there problems!” If you’re going to find it, you’ll have to do some mining.

Look for the good. Seek it out. Don’t let a little dirt keep you from making the most of your situation.

Every problem carries the seeds to its own solution. Every difficulty can be used as a learning experience. You can learn, grow and become a better person through all of life’s challenges.

What a pity to waste your problems by refusing to learn from them.

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