On Purpose // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Once, on a major TV talk show, several body builders were interviewed. These guys had more
muscles than five normal people put together!

“What do you use those muscles for?”, the host asked. One muscle builder answered by flexing
his huge biceps in an impressive pose. “No, you don’t understand me,” the host continued, “What
do you use them for?”

“I’ll show you,” Mr. Musclebound replied and flexed again. “No, No, you still don’t understand.
What do you USE them for?” Again, the guy flexed.

Poor fellow, he had more muscle than the rest of us could ever dream of, and all he could do was flex. Now, that’s impressive!

You, my friend, have been given a life. You possess the ability to make a difference in the world.
You have tremendous potential. How are you using it?

You have time: 24 precious hours in every single day. How are you using it?

You have a brain and unlimited subjects to explore. You have the ability to learn as much as you want. How are you using it?

The Bible contains great wisdom. God’s secrets for abundant living are found there. Most
families have at least one Bible in the house. You probably have one too (If not, give me a call
and I’ll give you one!) How are you using it?

You have opportunities to express care and encouragement. You possess the power to make a difference in someone’s life. How are you using it.

Everybody has at least a little bit of money. You may not have as much as you want — but you have more than a majority of the people in the world. How are you using it?

“Great minds have great purposes,” stated Washington Irving, “Others have only wishes.”

Your life is in your hands. How are you using it?

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