Somebody Loves Me // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

“Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. Guess I’ll eat some worms.”

We’ve all felt neglected and unloved at times. Each one of us has taken our swim in the swamp
of self-pity. “If only someone would love me”, we cry, “things would be so much better.”
Unfortunately, licking our wounds only adds salt to them. Problems are like babies. They grow
larger by nursing. You increase your loneliness by wallowing in it.

Feeling unloved, however, is terrible. The noted psychologist, Rollo May said, “The deepest
longing of every human heart is to be loved.” That’s why rejection hurts. Regardless of how
tough you may appear on the outside, or how you may laugh it off, the pain remains. Rejection
is a jagged dagger which rips the heart in two.

When people feel rejected and unloved, they often build walls of self-protection around
themselves so they will not be hurt again. Unfortunately, this only leads to further
rejection — further loneliness — as they shut off anyone who attempts to enter their lives. The very walls which were intended to keep rejection out can easily become a prison of our own despair. Love cannot pass through walls of hostility.

Do you want to feel loved? You must be willing to take the risk and open your heart. This requires vulnerability and the willingness to step from behind emotional barriers.

There is a friend who will never reject you. He will love you, regardless of the baggage in your life. His warmth can melt icy hearts. Near him, we can feel secure — accepted — loved. This
friend’s name is Jesus Christ. He understands us better than we understand ourselves. He knows
our hurts and disappointments. He sees our weakness. Yet– He cares and does not condemn. I
encourage you to seek Him today. You fill find healing for your hurt and joy for your heart. You don’t have to walk alone.
Listen to His words:
“My peace I give unto you.”
“Do not let your heart be troubled or afraid.”
“I have come to bring you abundant life.”
“Ask and it shall be given unto you.”
“Love one another as I have loved you.”

You can find no greater love than this.

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