Starting Is Always the Hardest Job // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

“Aw, Mom,” Joe whined. “Why do I have to clean my room now? Can’t it wait until some other day?”

“Listen here young man!” his mother replied, “Your room looks like it was hit by an atomic bomb! It smells like rotten eggs, and we haven’t seen the floor in six months! Now, clean that room!”

Muttering under his breath, Joe, armed with broom and shovel, began the unpleasant chore. As the trash and clutter disappeared, however, Joe felt good. He could see his floor again! He found several items that had been hopelessly lost in the mess. Why, the work seemed more like an exciting challenge than a drudgery. Time flew by. Before he knew it, the room was spotless. “I kinda like it like this.” Joe remarked. “Better Homes and Gardens, here I come!”

Starting a job is often the greatest obstacle in the way of its accomplishment. We see the enormous task before us and quiver with dread, when we ought to be rolling up our sleeves and digging in!

Robert Schuller tells the story of two very hungry men. “I’m so hungry, I could eat an elephant!”, the first man declared. “How on earth could you possibly eat an elephant?” asked the second. “Inch by inch!” the first man replied.

If you are faced with a big, difficult job, don’t ignore it — the task will grow bigger! Don’t hide from it — it will find you! Don’t run from the job — it will chase after you. Instead, the best bet is to face the task squarely and ask, “Where do I begin?” Each person has two ends — and end to think with, and an end to sit with. And his success depends on which end he uses.
Heads — he winsTails — he loses!

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