Take a Hike // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Nature is joyful. Just take a walk in the woods and you will experience the majestic
symphony of God’s orchestra – a far better production than anything originating from
Carnegie Hall. The heavens declare the glory of God. The birds, the trees, the sunsets,
the lakes remind us that all is well.

Do you want a good remedy for troubled heart? Go take a hike! Get out into nature and
observe – watch – listen. You will find peace there. It’s hard to be all worked up when
you are quiet in a woods.

The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Somebody bigger than me is in
charge of the universe. I don’t have to panic when situations arise beyond my control.
Joy is the natural state of the soul. The absence of joy indicates some kind of soul

“Entanglements” keep us bound in turmoil. Sometimes, we let our negative emotions get
the upper hand, and distract us from the path of peace. Fear and anger are both major
entanglements, which can tie us up in knots before we even realize it. It’s hard to be fully
alive when anxiety and resentment are rattling around in the soul.

Joy is internal, not external. It does not depend on circumstances. “Stone walls do not a
prison make, not iron bars a cage.” A free spirit cannot be imprisoned.

The bad times will come – but then they will leave. The tears of yesterday are merely passing
showers. This, too, shall pass. We should not dwell on the dark clouds. The sun
is shining behind them.

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