Turning Dreams into Reality // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

When Walt Disney came up with the idea of the 83 minute cartoon, “Snow White”, people howled with laughter. “Cartoons are for kids!” the critics scorned, “And what little child is going to sit still and watch a show for an hour and a half!”

The “Snow White” project became known as “Disney’s Folly” throughout the movie industry. It was simply a foolish, impractical idea. Poor old Walt had simply gone off the deep end this time! Their tune changed however, after the 83 minute cartoon became a tremendous box office success and entered the pages of motion picture history. Aren’t you glad Walt refused to listen to the people who said it couldn’t be done? (My kids sure are!)

Our world is filled with too many pessimists who are against any new ideas. They live by the motto of the old spiritual, “I Shall Not Be Moved. ” Of course, society trains us to be negative – it’s ingrained.

The Weather forcaster says, “15% chance of rain” rather than “85% chance of sunshine.”
The city puts in a new “stop light”, not a “go light”.
The doctor says, “10% chance grandma won’t pull through the operation” instead of “90% chance she will do just fine.”
With all this negative thinking around us, no wonder we’re so quick to say, “It can’t be done!” If you have a big dream or grand idea – go for it! Don’t let the critics in the peanut gallery discourage you.

Consider Mr. Turtle. He never makes any progress until he sticks out his neck. Risk is always the companion of success. You can’t have one without the other. I dare you to move ahead, take the risk, and turn your dreams into reality.

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