You Can’t Do It Alone // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Try to imagine what your life would be like if you had no friends. No one to listen. No one to care. No one to believe in you.

“I don’t need anybody!”, some people insist, “I can get along just fine all by myself.” Do they really understand what they are saying? Where would we be without our friends — those faithful companions who encourage and inspire us to reach our potential?

A close look at any successful person will reveal a network of friends who helped him/her achieve such greatness. Nobody can succeed alone. We were not created to live that way. Real friends accept you just the way you are. They won’t say, “I’ll be your friend if. . .” or, “I’ll be your friend when . . .” They simply say, “I’ll be your friend!”

Henry Ford said, “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”

Because of her friendship with Annie Sullivan, a blind and deaf girl named Helen Keller was able to communicate with others. Eventually, Helen went on to become a public figure and writer, sharing her brilliant ideas with the world. This would not have happened without a faithful friend.

When Lefty Gomez was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, a reporter walked up to him and asked “Lefty, what was your secret?” With a smile, Lefty replied, “Two things: Clean living and a fast infield!” Lefty realized he couldn’t do it alone.

Any time a star receives an Oscar, the acceptance speech begins, “I would like to thank. . .” Who would you like to thank today? Who has influenced and encouraged you? Who has offered you help and support? Who believes in you? Who are your real friends?
A genuine friendship multiplies the joy and divides the sorrow.

Who are your real friends? A genuine friendship multiplies the joy and divides the sorrow

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