Staying in Tune // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Last week, I was a delegate, representing Wisconsin at the North American General Conference of the Wesleyan Church. We elected officials and voted on a plethora of issues and resolutions. As the business proceedings unfolded, I noted an interesting observation about leadership which I’d like to share with you.

People are like piano keys. They have to work together and be in tune in order to produce harmony.

Some aggressive folks go “sharp.” Attempting to force change, they speak shrilly, and that brings disharmony. (Have you tried to sing in a choir beside someone who is singing a half pitch too high? It’s not a pretty sound, and sets everybody on edge.)

Now, there are times when I am impressed with a person, and say, “There’s a sharpie!” Maybe that’s not such a compliment after all. One piano key, a little sharp, makes the whole song sound bad.

On the other side, there are those leaders who do less than they ought. Rather than attempting progressive action, they’d rather just keep the “status quo.” Unfortunately, “status quo” doesn’t hold tune. It always goes flat.

While shrill leaders bring disharmony by going sharp, dull leaders also bring disharmony by going flat.

Nobody wants to participate in a dull, flat organization that’s not going anywhere. Often, the reason a leader settles for “status quo” is because he/she doesn’t want to cause disharmony. That course always ends on the flat note of mediocrity.

Over the years, through personal experience as well as observation, I’ve discovered that just as much disharmony is caused by going flat as by going sharp.

So, leaders, heed this adage:

Push too much and you’ll go sharp.
Push too little and you’ll go flat.
Seek harmony through the whole song.

The way to make beautiful music is to simply stay in tune. That comes by being God-centered, walking by faith, staying true to yourself, and listening carefully to others.

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