20 Symptoms of Insanity // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

1) Trying to talk your way out of a problem you behaved your way into.

2) Believing that your situation will get better, but refusing to make any changes.

3) Blaming others for your failures and shortcomings.

4) Neglecting the important priorities (God, family, personal health) while chasing after trivia.

5) Thinking you won’t get caught when you do something wrong.

6) Lying to “make things better.” (You can cover up a skunk, but it still stinks!)

7) Hoping money will buy happiness.

8) Procrastination (Putting off the important for the urgent.)

9) Trying to please everybody.

10) Self centeredness (The world doesn’t revolve around you.)

11) Thinking another person will make you happy.

12) Expecting your children to follow your orders rather than your example.

13) Falling into a pattern of complaint, criticism and negativity. (Gratitude is an important aspect of

mental health and spiritual wholeness.)

14) Thinking you can fix problems by yelling.

15) Assuming a big problem will go away by ignoring it.

16) Rationalizing destructive behavior with, “That’s just the way I am.”

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