God Gives Abram a New Name

God Gives Abram a New Name

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The Story

When Abram was 85 (10 years after he settled in Canaan), Sarai wanted to build a family through her servant Hagar (because that happened back them). Abram agreed. Hagar gave birth to a son. All the while Hagar was pregnant, Sarai treated her horribly. When she gave birth, Hagar named her and Abram’s son, Ishmael (Abram was 86 years-old).

Was Ishmael the promised son? No.

At 99 years of age, God reaffirmed His covenant to Abram. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, which means: father of many nations. “Nations will come from you,” God said. “Kings will come from you. And the land of Canaan will be an everlasting possession.”

Sarai’s name was also changed… to Sarah, which means: mother of many nations. God also told the couple that they would have a son and they will name him Isaac, which means: laughter.

Genesis 17:1-10
Genesis 17:15-21

Teaching Points

  1. Abram attempts to fulfill God’s promise.
  2. God renames Abram.
  3. Abraham worships God.

The Gospel

God knows the future. God is omniscient.

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Lower Elementary (grades 1, 2 and 3) – Psalm 139:1-4
Upper Elementary (grades 4, 5 and 6) – Psalm 139:1-8

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