The Incident (Bullying) | a msy teaching series introduction

Bullying is one of the most prominent issues young people face and it happens on a daily basis. Bullying affects the lives of so many teenagers. It’s time to bring awareness to it and ultimately to stand against it and change the culture of bullying in the schools and in the lives of the students.

This series is entitled The Incident. @ msy, starting Wednesday, November 28, 2012, we will be looking in on a bullying incident as it happens and get the perspective of four students as to what happened, why it happened, and what their role in it was.

  1. In the first week we get the perspective of the victim Eric. Through his perspective we will identify the various types of bullying (verbal, social, physical, and cyber). We need to expose them and bring them to light if we are going to do something about it.
  2. The following week we gain insight into what happened from Brock, the bully. We discover that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to him. Through Brock’s perspective we learn that bullying is often motivated by something going on in the bully’s own life.
  3. The third week we watch as The Incident unfolds through Marcus’ point of view, the friend to the bully. Through his conversations with Principal Jarvis we uncover that we are the ones who give bullies power or take away their power by the way we interact with them. We can stand by and laugh with them or stand up and do something about it to stop it.
  4. In the final week of The Incident, Ally is the last perspective we see, the observer. She almost did something about the bullying incident, but it was just too little. She had a chance to encourage Eric and start to change the environment of bullying. By the end she final gets it, almost all of them get it and change things.

Hopefully as this series comes to an end students will be encouraged to stand up and stand out against bullying in their school and in their lives. To be an anti-bully.

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