A Word of Encouragement // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

E ratio“When you’re down and out, something always turns up,” quipped Orson Wells”, and it is usually the nose of your friends.”

Often, when people most need support and encouragement, they are least likely to find it. As the old proverb says: “Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.

 We need a boost of encouragement from time to time. We all need to be appreciated.

 Chuck Swindoll once said, “We live by encouragement and die without it. . . slowly. . . sadly. . . and angrily.” Psychologist, William James observed, “The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”

 With this in mind, what is your “E.R.”? Your “Encouragement Ratio”?

 How often do you focus on building others up and expressing your sincere appreciation?

It’s nice to know that when you help someone uphill, you’re a little nearer to the top yourself!

 There are plenty of “discouragers” in this world — plenty of people who will point out your faults and criticize your shortcomings. It doesn’t take much intelligence to be a fault finder. Encouragers, on the other hand, are a rare breed. Wherever they go, they inspire hope and bring joy. I’m a better person when I’ve been with an encourager.

 Each one of us has the ability to encourage others. Yet, we are often so consumed by our own problems that we forget to reach out beyond ourselves. We have the ability — but are we willing?

 Who is your greatest encourager? Why? What qualities does this person possess that makes him/her different? Would somebody answer this question with your name? How can you become a better encourager in your relationships?

 How are things going in your life right now? Are you an encourager a home, or are you more of a battle axe, a nag, or a walking volcano — ready to erupt at any moment?

 Being an encourager requires a daily commitment. You have to be consistent. If you are positive one day and then a doom and gloomer the next, I can guarantee that you are not much of an encourager.

 Focus on the positive and don’t allow the bug’s splatting on life’s windshield to get the best of you.

 Encouragers are the medics on an emotional battlefield. They move from person to person with a healing touch — bringing the medicine called hope. The very survival of some depends on these “spiritual medics”.

 Yes, there’s a shortage of encouragers today. Why not sign up for duty? The need is too great to delay. You have the ability to make a difference. Are you willing? A hurting world needs you!


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  1. What a blessing to read about being an Encourager. I pray that God will fill our hearts up through his precious Holy Spirit to be sensitive to the needs of others and to help them through their struggles with a joyous and happy heart. Trust in our Lord brings peace to our souls. If GOD can raise his Son from the dead, even death has been conquered and we have nothing to fear. How much greater is his desire to set us free from problems & pains Especially when we bring them to Jesus and place them at his feet. To encourage & love is a small sacrifice and if we’re not able to do that then we haven ‘t surrendered our lives completely to Jesus and need to humbly kneel down & ask forgiveness & for God to fill us up with His Love. Everyday. God will Never abandon us! Praise Jesus!

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