Saul Disobeys the Lord


Saul Disobeys the Lord

055 Gospel Story for Kids | Main Street @ hwc

The Story

Saul had a chance for God to take the bad choice of His people, Israel, in selecting a king, to obey and he would be blessed and God would use Saul as His representative. However, as we saw in the series of stories from 1 Samuel 10-15, King Saul did not have in mind obeying God. Rather, the only thing Saul seemed to care about where the needs of the moment as opposed to the instructions of God via Samuel.

Saul demonstrates leadership that is all over the place and destructive for those who are following him. Because of Saul’s disobedience, God both rejects Saul’s kingship and him as king.

1 Samuel 10:1-8
1 Samuel 13:2-14
1 Samuel 15:1-23
1 Samuel 15:34-35

Teaching Points

  1. Saul disobeys God.
  2. Samuel corrects Saul.
  3. After Saul disobeys again, God rejects Saul.

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