What You Love Most Usually Wins // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Whatever we love most usually wins.

This Saturday, throngs of people in orange will head to the woods long before dawn.  Some will rise before 4:00 a.m., ready to roll.

Normally, they would not consider getting up that early on a Saturday morning.  But their love for hunting is greater than their love for comfort and sleeping in.

The same teenager that Mom drags from bed for school on Friday, is in
full orange and chomping at the bit on Saturday.  Whatever we love
most usually wins.

Sometimes, people talk about their struggle with negative habits and
life patterns.  They say they want to eat right, exercise, go to
church, make wise financial decisions, and such.  However, intentions
never get us anywhere.  An intention only leads to a rut of more
unfulfilled intentions, unless you have the gumption to take action.

The bottom line is your love.  Whatever you love most usually wins.

My son, Wes, ran a marathon last year.  He learned to love running,
and that took him all the way to the finish line.

I don’t love running, but I love Wes.  So, I didn’t run in the
marathon.  Instead, I drove to Ashland, stood on the sideline and

Love is willing to endure discomfort and overcome difficulties.

It is not the lack of discipline, but the lack of love that keeps us
from doing what we say we want to do.

With little love, small obstacles stops us.

Love for hunting brings the gumption to get up early.  It brings the
discipline to sit still when you want to move.  It brings the
endurance to stay in the stand when your toes are throbbing from the

How do you develop a love for hunting?  Keep hope alive that you’re
going to see something, and live in the larger picture.

When hope goes, so does the love — and so will you — back to the car
and cabin for hot chocolate.

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