Longing for Home

Longing-for-Home-title-slideYou’ve felt it, haven’t you?  That deep ache inside for something more.  That longing that rises in you during this season of twinkle lights and stress?  The sense that there must be something more, but it just can’t come with another task to be added to the unending To Do list.

What if, instead of the frantic holiday pace the world demands, what if there was another, slower pace?  What if this season could be about exploration and coming home to some ancient practices and discovering a peace that transcends the tacky?

And what about that blank space that descends after the Christmas?  What if, as the ancient church experienced, December 25 was just the start of a beautiful journey into the meaning and experience of Emmanuel, God with us, instead of the end?  What if the story kept going?  What if that story culminated in a celebration and experience of revelation and redemption?

Sunday Sermons:

December 8:  Living in the In-between (Pastor Mark)
December 15:  March to the Manger (Pastor Loretta)
December 22:  Our Light Has Dawned (Pastor Heath)

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