A Change in our “Hands of Hope” Benevolence Ministry

In order to better serve the needs of our community and congregation, we have made some adjustments in the way we manage our benevolence fund.

1. An ecumenical fund, sponsored by GHAMA (Greater Hayward Area Ministerial Association), is being established to assist those in our community struggling to meet basic needs. This fund will be managed by Salvation Army, and operated through donations from local congregations.  100% of the this money will be used locally, and Hayward Wesleyan Church will be a significant donor.

A percentage of our benevolence donations will go to this fund, and we will send needy people who have no connection to our congregation there to receive assistance. By giving strongly to this fund, we continue to help community members in need, but through a different avenue.  Local congregations will provide “on call” volunteer chaplains for spiritual needs as they arise.

imageThis change is a very good move for us as it transfers the enormous burden our church has been carrying to an organization better equipped to minister in this capacity. It also decreases the potential for abuse, and broadens the base of financial support.

2. We will retain a significant percentage of our benevolence donations to help those in need who have a relationship with our church. A new benevolence policy is being drafted, which will specify what kinds of needs qualify, and guidelines in distributing these resources.

3. A Hayward Wesleyan Benevolence Team will be established by the church board to review and respond to requests for financial assistance from within the congregation.

4. Since two food shelves are now operating in Hayward, we are going to join forces with them.  Any food items brought to us will be distributed to Indianhead Action Agency and The Hayward Food Pantry, except for specific drives, such as the Thanksgiving baskets.

5. We are no longer receiving donations of furniture items, but sending them to Salvation Army or Indianhead Action Agency, as they are better equipped to handle them.

6. Special thanks to Mary Ann Sebek, whose leadership in our benevolence ministry is now concluded, for your many hours of sacrificial service.

7. We are confident these changes will help us serve others better. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask members of the church board or pastoral staff.

  1. I too feel this is a great move. It is good to look for organizations even other churches in our community that do things well and come beside them rather than compete with them. Duplication of essential resources needed to operate some of these ministries is seldom efficient. A Great big thank you to the church staff and especially Mary Ann & Pastor Ben for the many years of commitment to this ministry. Your efforts did not go unnoticed.

  2. I am so happy to see the changes in the benevolence funding and distribution. I believe these changes are for the best. I had been disheartened by some of the cases I’d learned about, and these changes should help. I am gone all winter, but would be glad to help in some capacity in the summer & fall months.

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