40 Ways to Fail // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

FailureOver the years, I’ve seen lots of articles on how to succeed, but never one on how to be a failure. Thus, I’ve composed the following list:

40 easy ways to fail.

1. Focus on all the reasons why it won’t work.
2. Don’t bother praying.
3. Intend to begin, but don’t start.
4. Stop proceeding at the first speed bump.
5. Facing backwards, try to recreate the past.
6. Whine and complain often.
7. Fear making an investment.
8. Put in only what is required.
9. Be a self-centered pig.
10. Find someone to blame.
11. List a dozen good excuses, and use them all.
12. Absorb and reflect negativity.
13. Ignore wise counsel.
14. Hoard.
15. Manipulate people for personal gain.
16. Belittle yourself and others.
17. Fail to write down your goals and dreams.
18. Major on the minors and minor on the majors.
19. Don’t prioritize your use of time.
20. Don’t budget your money.
21. Live humorlessly.
22. Over-react when someone disappoints you.
23. Carry grudges and bear resentments.
24. Fail to plan ahead.
25. Never learn from mistakes.
26. Make mountains out of molehills.
27. Maintain an over-inflated opinion of yourself.
28. Strive to win every argument.
29. Refuse to grow.
30. Shrink back from committing yourself, saying “no” to everything.
31. Over-commit yourself, saying “yes” to everything.
32. Be a fault finder and gossip.
33. Be less than truthful.
34. Expect to fail.
35. Keep waiting for your ship to come in.
36. Disregard integrity and morality.
37. Always play it safe.
38. Throw temper tantrums.
39. Don’t finish the work.
40. Forget to say “thank you.”

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