Are You a Disciple?


The first night of Youth group we spent the time on a couple of items:

CORE Values

  • Hunger. Hunger to learn the things of God…or at the very least, an interest to know.
  • The Gospel. It would be a crying shame for those who participated in Youth group (at HWC or anywhere for that matter), to be confused by what the core teaching of the Christian church is.
  • Mission. The church is not an end unto itself. Rightly ordered, a church (or any group of people more than 2 or 3) is a living organism made up of redeemed individuals who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring about God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. What is God through His Spirit asking us to do? What needs to be done?
  • Cultural Exegesis. The Gospel needs to be continually translated in the vernacular of our current culture. Not changed, but translated so it relevantly answers the questions are current culture is asking. Couple with this translation is an engagement with the current culture. How do Christians live as a witness in and a living testimony to the current culture they live in?
  • Holiness. God is sanctifying those who believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any collected group of Christians should find it normative that they God is growing them through the power of the Holy Spirit. This Spirit-led action brings about holiness.
  • Community. We meet in groups. In spite of and in direct contradiction to our individualistic culture, Christians believe that meeting together (redeemed individuals of all kinds) brings about the essence of the Gospel, provides a force for mission, enacts a relevant witness to the culture, and brings about changed hearts (holiness).

What is the Gospel?

We asked four questions to get an idea where students were at with their understanding of the Gospel:

  1. In your own words and in the way you think you understand it, what is the Gospel?
  2. What do you think of when you think of a Christian?
  3. What do you believe a Christian really is (or maybe what you want a Christian to really be)?
  4. If a friend asked you, how would you describe what it means to be a Christian?

Download the list of questions we gave the students: What is the Gospel [174kb, pdf]

Are you a disciple?

We spent the remaining time listening to a teaching by Ray Vander Laan (RVL). It was the first teaching in a series RVL called: In the Dust of the Rabbi (here is a link to the teaching we listened to: Dust of the Rabbi, Part 1).

Here are the graphics used to help the students visually listen to the audio teaching:

The students were able to spend about 10-15 minutes with their small group this first evening. It made for some good introductions as well as re-introductions.

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