The first night of Middle School Youth was spent on the topic of our choices. We discussed that while we might “know” the right answers or the right decision to make, we often don’t actually “do” the right option. There is something wrong with our hearts.

We spent time talking through two stories in Scripture

Fruit or No Fruit?

Adam and Eve lived during a time in which there were millions of “yes” things and only one “no” thing. When the serpent tempted Eve and Adam, the two humans decided to embrace to one “no” in place of all the “yeses.” They chose the fruit instead of God’s prohibition of no fruit.

Therefore, there is something wrong with our choices.

Jesus or Barabbas?

Fast forward several thousand years. The people of God are faced with a choice. On the one hand there is a convicted murderer, a terrorist, one who believes to bring in God’s kind of world is through killing the Romans or anyone in cahoots with them. His name is Barabbas. On the other hand there is an innocent man who believes that bringing in God’s kind of world is through embracing this particular man’s ethics. His name is Jesus. On the one hand is a guilty man… on the other hand is an innocent man.

Pilate asks the crowd, “Who should I let go?” “Barabbas!” they cry. So the guilty is set free and the innocent man is killed.

There is something wrong with our choices.

What is wrong with our hearts?

Sin. We are predisposed to choosing to sin instead of choosing not to sin.

Then we spent some time walking through the Romans Road and defining what it means to be someone who believes in Jesus instead of themselves.

These are the slides I used for teaching this lesson:

Here are the questions our small groups discussed after the teaching: Sin-Choices SGL Questions [183kb, pdf]

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