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Luke 01

This school year (2014-2015) we are focusing on the witness of Jesus and the engagement of His followers in a gathered community called the church. We plan to spend 2/3 of the school year in the stories of Jesus as investigated by Luke. We are going to go through the Gospel of Luke one chapter at a time. Each week we will focus on one chapter and the stories it contains. This first week is Luke chapter 1.

Luke 01

The first chapter of Luke contains Luke’s compulsion to write an orderly account of the life of Jesus to a man called, Theophilus. Additionally, the reader will find the accounts of the angel Gabriel making two visits to human beings: Zechariah and Mary. Both visits are to announce the coming birth of a child: John to the elderly couple Zechariah and Elizabeth, and Jesus to the young, unmarried couple, Mary and Joseph. Zechariah is muted because of his unbelief. Mary is exalted because of her willingness to obey the words of the LORD from the angel. Both Mary and Zechariah sing songs and Luke records them. John is born in the first chapter of Luke.

Presentation of Luke 01

I spent a few minutes talking about why Luke was writing this account. We read through Luke 1:3-4 and said that Luke has “carefully investigated everything from the beginning…so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” We mentioned Luke as the writer of the story, the recipient was Theophilus, and the subject was Jesus.

It was also important for me to help these elementary students be able to place the events of the Bible on a map. I want them to know the geography of the world and where exactly the ministry of Jesus (particularly) is happening. We used these maps:


World Map (which looks great as a projected image)

NT Israel - with a Galilee emphasis

First Century Palestine (which focuses on the area where Jesus spent most of his time [Galilee], but also gives a larger idea of where everything else is in the land of Israel)

I then talked through the account of the angel Gabriel’s visit to Zechariah in the Temple and the birth announcement of John. Then I shared the story of Gabriel’s visit to Mary and the birth announcement of Jesus. Then I related the story of John being born and Zechariah’s speech returned.

Good introduction to the Gospel of Luke.

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