Who is Your Rabbi?


The second week of Youth group we interacted with these thoughts:

Four Spiritual Laws

We spent some time looking at Bill Bright’s Four Spiritual Laws. I printed off one of these for every student so they could take one home with them: The Four Spiritual Laws [113kb, pdf]

I also found a PDF that was more graphically appropriate to show on the screen (but I didn’t really use it, but I screen-grabbed the images off of the PDF just in case I needed them). Here they are:

We had a good discussion surrounding the Four Spiritual Laws. I want the students (as we interact with the Gospel this year) to engage on these three levels:

  1. Is it true? The Gospel. Is the gospel being presented true to what God has revealed in the Bible?
  2. Do I believe it? Interestingly, something can be true, but not believed. This is a personal question.
  3. Would I communicate it? Is the Gospel compelling enough to be transferred to another person or group?

We plan to interact with varying methods and perspectives on what the Gospel is. These three levels of questions will help us understand it’s relevant truth claims, actual belief, and transference.

Who is Your Rabbi?

We spent the rest of the Youth group teaching time finishing up the audio teaching from Ray Vander Laan (RVL) that we started the week prior.

Audio file: Dust of the Rabbi, Part 1

Here is a companion note sheet I created to help keep the students on track: Rabbi Note Sheet [182kb, pdf]. (I try to find video teachings when possible because it’s helpful to watch and listen to a talk versus merely listening. When I cannot find the video or it isn’t available and the message is so good that it’s the one we need to use, then I want to help the students by providing something visual [hence the images below] and a note sheet that will help guide them through and not get lost).

Here are the image files used to help the students visually listen to the audio teaching:

Because of the Four Spiritual Laws discussion and the remaining length of time left in the audio teaching, we didn’t have time for small groups this week.

We left the students with the piercing question:

Who is your rabbi?

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