The third week of Middle School Youth was on the topic of general disobedience. The previous two weeks we had addressed some specific ones, choices and revenge, but this week’s was going to be the general idea of disobeying.

Disobedience is defined as “doing the opposite of what you’re supposed to do.” If someone were to ask you to put your shoes on and you went to brush your teeth. The general idea of not doing what you’re told or asked to do.


Achan decided to take some things from the destroyed city of Jericho, in direct disobedience to what God had told them to do (which was take nothing). Achan’s sin led to the death of 36 soldiers in the next battle (Ai). After hearing from God, the leader Joshua, after a process of elimination, found out it was Achan. Achan confessed. He was killed. Then Joshua and the army of Israel successfully attacked and conquered the next city (Ai).

Achan disobeyed because he believed that God was not going to provide for him.

We disobey because we don’t really believe, we don’t have faith, that God will provide for us. What Achan wanted was more important than what God wanted. Achan didn’t have faith that God would provide for him.

Do you believe that God will take care of you? Or do you believe that only you can?

Here are the slides I used to teach the lesson:

Here are the questions our small groups discussed after the teaching: Disobedience SGL Questions [179kb, pdf]

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