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Luke 03

Luke 03

The third chapter of Luke has three happenings in it and is one of the shortest chapters in all of Luke (only 38 verses). It contains John the Baptist’s ministry, Jesus’ baptism, and Jesus’ genealogy. Fascinating stuff!

Presentation of Luke 03

We want to make sure that we realize and embrace that Luke is writing an ongoing, interconnected account of the life of Jesus to a man called Theophilus. So we like to an overview/review of the stories that preceded the one we’re interacting with on that particular Sunday. We do this review by remembering the characters we’ve met so far (in Luke 01 and 02) and highlighting the stories those characters are connected to.

Then we read another rhyming story from the Treasury of Bible Stories that helped us learn about John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism:

For Jesus’ genealogy, I put all of the names (in biblical order) in the genealogy on the screen and we all looked at them. We looked for patterns: repeated names, familiar names, etc. That was fun. Then I made a specific mention to the last name in the genealogy: “the son of God” (3:38). Not many people claim to be the son of God, so the question I left them with was:

“What is Luke going to argue for in his account of the life of Jesus?”

That Jesus was/is the son of God. What does a son of God look like? What does a son of God do? Why would a son of God be important? Luke will tell us as we go through the story he so carefully investigated. Remember, Luke wrote to Theophilus “so that [he] may know the certainty of the things you have been taught” (Luke 1:4).

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