The Gospel according to Bill Hybels


The fourth week of Youth was spent interacting with a teaching from Bill Hybels (lead pastor at Willow Creek Community Church). Hybels crafted a series called “Simplify” where he intended to address the common words in his church’s vocabulary:

  • overwhelmed,
  • overscheduled,
  • and exhausted.

In the message we watched, he wanted to address the word: confused. Hybels didn’t want the church to be confused about what a “fully devoted follower of Jesus” looked like. So he addressed it within the “Simplify” series.


We watched Simplify Part 5 in its entirety. We provided a companion note sheet to help the students be able to track with Hybels during the talk. You can download that here: Simplify (part 5) – Confused [177kb, pdf] or you can view it on the Simplify media page.

Bill Hybels talked through Willow Creek’s 5 G’s, which flesh out what a “fully devoted follower of Jesus” looks like:

  1. Grace
  2. Growth
  3. Groups
  4. Gifts
  5. Good Stewardship

Students had about 15-20 minutes to spend in small groups and I asked them to ask their leaders questions, or to share about what part of the 5 G’s they had a negative feeling about (if you watch/listen to the message, you’ll know what I mean by a negative feeling versus a positive feeling).

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