The fifth week of Middle School Youth was a lesson from left field. We talked about Flossing.


I told my story of not going to the dentist for a number of years, then upon returning I discovered I had 9 cavities. The reason, I was told, was that I did not floss very well. So the dentist and the hygienist educated me on the techniques and belief in flossing. They also tried some scare tactics like you might eventually lose your teeth if you don’t floss.

So I believed. They convinced me that the good news of flossing was real and I became a follower of flossing. I was a new disciple.

1) I show/demonstrate that I believe in flossing by doing it, right?

If I didn’t floss, then I don’t really believe or I just don’t care. The dentist might say, if I don’t actually do flossing, then I probably don’t really believe flossing will prevent cavities or eventual teeth loss.

2) If the dentist and hygienist were with me every morning and every night reminding me to brush well and floss, would it help?

Absolutely! It would be a daily reminder and encouragement to save my teeth, because they would remind me why it is important. The dentist might say, I’m not living at your house or even calling you every day!


I then told the story of God and humanity’s fall from perfection. The conversation led to why anyone can have faith at all. We all have to die and be raised to new life in Christ before we can begin to live by faith. We have to start faithing by believing in the author of faith: Jesus.


1) You show/demonstrate that you believe in Jesus by doing it, right?

Returning back to your old way of living means you don’t really (or didn’t really) believe… just like the flossing story. If you really believe:

  • your choices will reflect God’s choices
  • your hunger for revenge stops because you trust that God will fight for you
  • your obedience reflects God’s obedience
  • your self-centeredness is transformed into other-centeredness

You actually believe that God runs your life instead of you = faith!

2) You cannot do this belief on your own

Jesus sent us His Spirit when we believe and He is our guide and is always present to help. The dentist and hygienist can’t be with you all the time when we need them. But the Holy Spirit is with you 24/7. The Spirit is there for those who believe.

Here are the slides I used when teaching this lesson:

Here are the questions our small groups discussed after the teaching: 05 Faith SGL Questions [178kb, pdf]

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