We All Have to Pay Sometime // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

coinsEverybody has a pay day.  If you pay now, you can play later — but if you play now, you will pay later, and the price will be higher than you expected. There’s no such thing as a free ride. We reap what we sow.

If you do not humble yourself now, you will be humbled later.
If you do not discipline yourself now, you will be disciplined by life later.
If you live on credit now, you’ll have to pay compound interest later.
If you are selfish now, you will be isolated and lonely later.
If you are negative now, life will get worse later.
If you are angry now, you will be bitter and ugly later.
If you fail to be kind now, you won’t have friends later.
If you are a “people pleaser” now, you will sacrifice your integrity later.
If you don’t cherish your family now, you won’t have a family later.
If you don’t work hard now, you will not succeed later.
If you fail to make healthy choices now, you will be feeble and frail later.
If you don’t read, learn and grow now, your brain will turn to mush later.
If you tell lies now, you will have to remember everything you said later.

On the other hand . . .
If you are generous now, you will be blessed later.
If you love now, you will receive 100 times the love later.
If you save money now, you will have wealth later.
If you build your faith now, it will hold you up later.
If you pay attention to your wife (husband) now, she (he) will bring tremendous fulfillment to your life later.
If you are positive now, things will get better later.
If you encourage others now, they will help you later.
If you live by faith now, you will never regret it later!

If you treat today right, tomorrow will return the favor.

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