“Look Beyond the Troubled Waters” // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Waves on Lake Superior by Madeline Island, captured at about noon.

I wrote the following poem several years ago while sitting in a hospital waiting room in Duluth, Minnesota.  My wife was having surgery, and I nervously awaited the report from the operating room.

It was a windy day, and in the distance, Lake Superior’s waves crashed violently on the shore.   The troubled waters matched my anxious spirit.  But then, I took a longer look.  I lifted my eyes up to the Great Lake’s horizon and noticed that it was calm and tranquil.   We find our peace when we take a larger look.  The whole picture is much bigger than what is temporarily bothering us.  When things are looking down — look up!

Troubled waters swirl and crash
in restless waves
upon the Great Lake’s southern side.

And somehow, I identify
with heavy sighings.

But still, looking up and long
I see a large horizon
deep waters fading blue,
reaching up to touch the morning sky.

And in my sighings,
hope’s arising. . .

Just in time to whisper,
“All is well. Peace be still.”


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