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01 In the Beginning

This is what the Main Street students learned this past week (heads-up: it was a lot!):

Genesis and Primeval History

The book of Genesis has 50 chapters in it. It is broken up into two parts. The first part is chapters 1-11 and this is called: “Primeval History” which means the story of the first age. It tells the story of who and the where. The Bible tells us the story of our world. We know our world to be a broken world. The question is: Why? Genesis 1-11 explains the world we live in as well as why it’s broken.

In the beginning there was nothing but God… then God spoke the world into existence.

Why did God create? Because he is creative… it’s part of his nature.

Why did he create men and women? What’s so special about humans? Well, God is creative, personal and relational. God fashioned people in his image, which means humans are creative, personal and relational as well. Humans were to help God with the rest of his creation (dominion). Adam got to name all the animals.

Love is so important to God that he took the risk and gave human beings the choice to love him or not. When love is a choice it can be a dangerous thing because that gives freedom to choose to love or not. It’s not free will if there is no choice. So if Adam and Eve loved and trusted God, they wouldn’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

An enemy of God (the serpent) told Eve that God was wrong: that eating from the tree wouldn’t kill them, but make them as wise as God).

Adam and Eve had a choice to make: Would they trust God? or Would they trust the snake?

They chose the snake. Who do you trust? Adam and Eve chose to go their own way and so sin entered the world.

What is sin? Sin is when we ignore God, go our own way, put ourselves first. In essence we say: “I don’t care what you say, God, I’m going to do things my way.”

The consequences were that Adam and Eve had to leave the garden. God is pure and holy and the entrance of sin caused a break in the relationship. The serpent wanted God’s creation to turn against him. So who do you trust? Who do you listen to?

The rest of primeval history gets worse! One of Adam and Eve’s sons turned on his brother and killed him (Cain and Abel). More and more sin happened till humanity was drowning in sin. So God drowned the sin with a flood, but saved humanity through Noah and his family (and two of every animal). After the flood, Noah’s family was still living in a broken world. Pride built up that as people repopulated the earth after the flood they wanted to be equal with God so they built a tower that would reach the heavens. People banded together to be against God. God confused their language to curb their out-of-control sinful pride. He scrambled their talking so they couldn’t understand each other.

Then the time was right for God’s real rescue plan. This is the end of primeval history.

In essence, things tend to go well when we listen to God and very badly when we don’t.

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