Review Volume 1 of “What’s in the Bible?” // Main Street

01 In the Beginning

This Sunday we paused on the “What’s in the Bible?” curriculum to cover the stories more in depth.

Four Stories from Genesis 1-11 (Primeval History)

Creation (Genesis 1-2)

We walked through the 7 days of creation and what happened on each day. It’s interesting that Genesis 1 is written poeticly and rhythimcally. Day 1 is light and darkness separated, and Day 4 introduces the sun, moon, and stars to fill the light and darkness. Day 2 is the separation of the expanse of the sky and the water, and Day 5 introduces birds to fill the sky and sea creatures to fill the water. Day 3 is the emergence of land out of the water (or separation of land and water, boundaries), and Day 6 introduces plants and animals to fill the land as well as the epitome of God’s creation: mankind made in his image. On Day 7 God rested.

The Fall (Genesis 3-5)

Mankind decided to disobey their Creator and eat from the one tree they were told not to eat from. Out of the thousands upon thousands of trees available to Adam and Eve, they chose to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Thus humanity was broken and was exiled from the beautiful garden God had created for them.

Even though Adam and Eve were banished from God’s presence, God was still “with” them and launched his rescue plan to save mankind from sin (hint: it would come from a seed of the woman, an eventual baby who would save the world).

The Flood (Genesis 6-10)

We quickly covered the elements of this story under the theme of “results of the fall,” which are disobedience and evil deeds. Because the world was so evil God (the Trinity) decided to destroy the earth with a flood and sort of restart the process with one family: Noah’s.

Tower of Babel (Genesis 11)

This story continues to follow the theme of “results of the fall” and depicts humanity’s effort to make a name for themselves and try to be equal to God the Creator. The LORD decided to scatter humanity through confusing their languages.

This scattering and grouping over the known world at the time laid the groundwork for the next phase of God’s ultimate redemption plan: working with a family to eventually save the world.

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