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Story of Exodus

God made the world and made humans to take care of it and live in relationship with Him. Adam and Eve broke the trust and nothing has been the same since. The book of Genesis ends with God launching his big rescue plan.

What is God rescuing us from?

Sin and what it does to us.

  1. Stain of sin. Sin separates us from God. God wants to wash the stain of sin off of us.
  2. Power of sin. Sin has a way of whispering in our ears and getting us to do more sin. Sin takes over our lives. God can give us the power to ignore the whispers of sin and live with peace, joy, and love.
  3. Drowning in sin. We live in a world drowning in sin. God want to save us from the presence of sin. When the time is right, God will redeem all of creation.


Jacob’s family went to Egypt because of a famine and stayed there. They were known as the Israelites (Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, so this is Jacob’s children). Some 400 years later, there were around 2-5 million Israelites living in Egypt.

There was a new Pharaoh who didn’t like all these foreigners (lots of them) living in his land. Pharaoh was afraid the Hebrews (another name for the Israelites) could rise up against Egypt’s enemies and so he enslaved them and forced them to make bricks and build cities. But the Hebrews kept multiplying. Pharaoh did something terrible: he had all of the Hebrew baby boys killed (thrown into the Nile River).

God’s promises (some of them) were coming true: great nation (like the stars in the sky), God was with them (although it didn’t seem like it), but they were not in their own land (the land of Canaan). What was God going to do about it?

Enter Moses

One Hebrew boy was saved and floated in the Nile River instead of drowned. This baby was found and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, named Moses, and raised in the palace. One day, Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew and he killed the Egyptian. Moses ran away from Egypt into the desert because the Pharaoh wanted to kill Moses for what he had done. Moses gets married in the desert to Zipporah and has chilren all while tended sheep.

God shows up to Moses in a burning bush. God tells Moses to go back to Egypt to face Pharaoh and deliver God’s message to let the Israelites go (release them from slavery). Pharaoh didn’t let God’s people go as Moses requested. The 10 plagues happened: gnats, frogs, river turned to blood, flies and boils, cows died, locusts, hail and darkness. The last plague was the death of all the firstborn (Egyptian and Israelite).

God provided a way out for the Israelites: kill a spotless lamb and put its blood on the doorposts of your houses. The angel of death passed over the Israelite homes with the blood and this occurrence is celebrated to this day as Passover. The price of sin is death. The lamb took the place of the Israelites. God continual rescue plan.

Pharaoh finally relented and released the Israelites. Moses leads the people out of Egypt to the Red Sea and then miraculously through the Red Sea (after which Pharaoh’s army was drowned by the sea), and then to the mountain of God (Sinai, Horeb, the same place where Moses encountered the burning bush).

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