Conversations in Technology: Social Media and Teenagers

Conversations in Technology-Social Media and Teenagers

On Tuesday, February 2, 2016 @ 6:30p in the Fireside Room at the Hayward Wesleyan Church, some parents are going to gather to discuss “social media and teenagers.”

Most parents are making this stuff up as they go. We are all trying to pull in as much information as we can (but we feel like we are always behind and playing catch up), and by the time we do seemingly catch up, some new things has come out and we’re behind again. Some just give up and hope their kids will figure it out along the way. Some tighten the reigns and restrict completely.

I’m not quite sure what the answer is, but I know that parents are more potent together than we are separate.

This conversation has a couple of goals in mind:

  1. Information. There is so much out there that we just don’t know it all. I don’t think I’m going to be able to give it all in just one night, but we’ll make at least a serious dent, if not do some major damage to our ignorance.
  2. Collaboration. Just as important as information is, talking and sharing ideas and collaborating together is powerful as well. I guess I really hope that we as parents can shoulder this new digital world both us and our children are living in together so that in 20 years we aren’t looking back and wishing someone would have had this conversation and brought people together.

This night isn’t going to fix everything nor is it going to answer all the questions, but at least it will help us be aware of the issues and what to look out for and it will make us aware of the other families in our community that care about the digital environment our kids are surrounded by.

Watch this… it will give you a taste of what we’ll be talking about:

See you on Tuesday!

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