Pancake Breakfast for Uganda Children

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PANCAKE BREAKFAST……… feed the children of Uganda
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 – 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

The Wisconsin District of the Wesleyan Church has accepted the challenge of working in partnership with the churches of Uganda.

A few weeks ago we were honored to have Pastor Lucas with us on Sunday morning. So many were deeply touched by his message. Pastor Lucas is a native born citizen of Uganda. He has been raised up by God to share God’s love to his fellow citizens. He now oversees the ministry and schools of 62 young churches in Uganda.

Pastor Lucas shared with us about the devastation of Uganda. Over the years the natural resources of the country have been plundered. The gold and silver unearthed and the timber and vegetation sold, leaving a bare and unforgiving land. The people try to raise crops to feed themselves but have the simplest hand equipment to use. The ground is too hard to be worked by hand until the rainy season comes.  The growing season is half over by the time the people have their fields planted. Many families harvest little more than a bushel to last until the next growing season. Families try to have 5 to 10 children knowing that half will not survive early childhood because of malnutrition. When malaria season comes more will die. Because of the AIDS disease which has been so devastating, orphans are incorporated into already malnourished families. Nutritionists have said that one egg a day would make a big difference in the health of a child. Can you imagine going days without food? The churches are trying to provide schools for the children but many children are too weak to make the walk to school. If they do get there they will probably have nothing to eat for the day. The Wisconsin district is working with ideas of how we as a district of churches can enrich the lives of the people of Uganda. We believe the saying “give the person a fish he will eat for a day….teach them to fish he will eat for a lifetime.”  We will hear more of this in the months ahead.  But…..many of these children can’t wait that long…..many of us have felt God’s call to feed the children now.

A mentor of mine often said “dream a dream so big that if God is not in it is bound to fail.”  So here is my dream. Pastor Lucas told us that it would cost about five dollars to feed lunch to a child at school for a week.  If there are 30 students in the school and school was in session for nine months that would be about $5,400.  We of course know that there are there are many more children. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a surplus and families could take some food home after church on Sunday?

Here is our plan at Hayward Wesleyan. Knowing that a lot of good plans in the Bible came together over food, we are going to fill the stomachs of the Ugandan children by filling our stomachs.  Talk about a double win!  On Sunday, September 11, a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs, and sweets will be served in the fellowship hall of the church. This will happen from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.  Donations for the meal will be received that day. This is what we call kingdom building.  It is not money that we hold back from a regular general giving.  Kingdom building is beyond regular giving, out of the abundance God has given us. I would ask that each of you give this project your prayerful attention.  Let God speak to you about what you can do for the children of Uganda.  If you only have a dollar to contribute please come and see how the Lord blesses it.

We have invited other Wesleyan churches in the Wisconsin District to be a part of this project by serving their own breakfast on this Sunday or another time in September if it is better. The impact on the lives can be incredible. More will come later as to where any of the contributions from other churches can be gathered.

Please plan to join in to feed the children!

                                                                                                                –Mary Grade

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