“Bring Your Best Self to It” // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

I recently was invited to South Carolina to interview for a faculty position at a wonderful Christian university.  They are looking for someone to lead their program to train pastors.

At this point, they are still in the interviewing process and have not yet made their selection.  If I am the one chosen, it will be a very unconventional decision.  A person in this role normally has a PhD and a long career in academia.  I have neither.  But I do bring a wealth of practical experience, positive energy, and pastoral perspective.

As I prepared to go, I expressed concerns to friends about whether I am qualified for such task.  Everybody gave me the same words of advice:  “Just be yourself!”

That was certainly a helpful relief.  It’s no effort to be myself.  But, trying to be somebody else is impossible and overwhelming.

But then it dawned on me that there are two versions of myself.   The worst version of myself is filled with anxiety, insecurity and doubt.  The best version of myself is overflowing with faith, hope and love.

So, the question I had to determine is:  which self was I going to bring to the interview?  My best self?  My worst self?  Both selves?

I decided to bring my best self, but my worst self sneaked into my suitcase and started whispering.  Fortunately, I caught the rascal, and tossed him on his ear at the baggage claim.

Everything went great with the interview, and regardless of the outcome, I’m so happy I brought the best version of me to it.

In fact, it was such a positive experience, I’m determined to bring my best self with me every day.

Who needs a worst self with anxiety, insecurity and doubt anyway?   I think I’ll just leave him there at baggage claim in South Carolina.

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