Church Board Update on Pastoral Transition/Search


During this time, please be in prayer for our church, our board and staff, for Interim Pastor Jack Lynn, and for this pastoral search. Questions can be directed to any board member. Please feel free to contact the church office for names of board members and their phone numbers, if you wish.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our church and board, and we appreciate so many people stepping up to serve and fill in gaps during this pastoral transition time.

November 12, 2017 –UPDATE FROM PASTORAL SEARCH COMMITTEE (Steve Gerich, Chairman):
The Pastoral Search Team has been meeting since August, building on the work already done by our Vision Development Team.  Using the newly created Vision Statement, set of Core Values, and Pastor Profile, the Search Team drafted the advertisement, came up with a series of letters to potential candidates and compiled several layers of interview questions in preparation for the actual interviews.  They had to decide where to post the ad and how wide of a search they wanted to do.  Since the ad was first posted, several resumes have been received and one “Skype” interview was recently conducted.  The team is hoping to receive more resumes and have more interviews in the near future.  Please be in fervent prayer for the Search Team, the Board, and potential candidates, that God’s hand will be in it all!
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The Pastoral Search Team will meet this week to finalize all preparations for posting the advertisement for a lead pastor. The ad will run for 30 days. Interviewing could begin as soon as two weeks. Resumes and cover letters will be read, reviewed and discussed with the entire team. The team has spent many hours together in prayer, planning and preparation. Thank you for your prayers – this team humbly acknowledges the trust you have placed in them.


Please be encouraged that the weeks and months of “waiting” have not been unfruitful!  Our Vision Development Team has laid the necessary groundwork for the Search Team to start their work based on the Mission Statement, Core Values, and Pastor Profile that have been created.  The Search Team has developed an ad that will be placed on various denominational, university and seminary websites across the country.  Our church website will soon contain a page that will give potential candidates a host of information about our church, the qualifications and description of the pastor we desire and instructions as to how to apply.  All this will be completed within the next few weeks…….then the careful, prayerful work of evaluating resumes, interviewing candidates and references and listening to sermons begins.  Please be in focused prayer for us as we move forward.


July 30, 2017 –BOARD UPDATE:
Jesse Beckermann, Vice Chairman of our Church Board, announced that Pastor Jeremy Mavis is transitioning out of Children’s Ministry in order to concentrate more fully on Middle School and High School students.  Pastor Loretta has agreed to oversee Children’s Ministry during this interim time until the Board decides how to fill this gap.  Jesse also stated that the Board is working on finishing the Senior Pastor Profile and will actively start the pastoral search very soon.
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June 25, 2017 –BOARD UPDATE:
A brief financial overview of the past fiscal year was given by Jesse Beckermann.  Our expenses exceeded our income by about $15,000 for the year and giving was down overall.  However we carry no debt at the moment and have a decent cash reserve.  Our Vision Development Team has been meeting with Pastor Jack Lynn on a regular basis, identifying core values for our church. Our board is working on laying the groundwork for our Search Committee to begin the pastoral search process.
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May 25, 2017 — Hayward Wesleyan Church Townhall Meeting: Interim Pastor Jack Lynn answers questions regarding the pastoral search process.


May 14, 2017 –BOARD UPDATE:

Our Congregational Assessment has been done and Interim Pastor Jack Lynn gave that report on Sunday, May 7 (video posted below).  Our Pastoral Search Team has been formed and a Vision Development Team is being formed.  We are holding a “Town Hall Meeting” on Thursday, May 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the Theatre Room (youth wing).  All are welcome to come out for a time of open discussion and to ask any questions they may have concerning the Congregational Assessment or the pastoral transition.
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May 7, 2017 –A Biblically Healthy Church (Congregational Assessment):
Interim Pastor Jack Lynn gives the results of our recent Congregational Assessment (30 minute interviews with a cross-section of 47 people). This is a small piece of the process in gearing up for our pastoral search.


Next Sunday, May 7, Pastor Jack will be sharing the results of our recent congregational assessment during the worship services.  We urge everyone to be present on this Sunday.
The board asks that the congregation continue to be in prayer for the board, the two teams being formed, and the incoming lead pastor.  The church board will be meeting almost every Thursday at 7:00 p.m., so that would be a great time for some deep prayer!

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God is working and moving in Hayward Wesleyan Church, in many ways.  Our Interim Pastor Jack Lynn is working with the board right now to put together a Strategic Development/Vision Planning Team that will be seeking God’s will and developing a plan of vision for the church for the upcoming years.  A Pastoral Search Team is also being formed to begin the search for a new lead pastor.



Thank you for your continued prayers for our church and board, and we appreciate so many people stepping up to serve and fill in gaps during this pastoral transition time. Starting Sunday, March 19, we will have a 3-week sermon series on “Be the Church”.  Steve Gerich will preach on that day, Jim January will preach on March 26, and our new interim pastor, Jack Lynn, will preach on Sunday, April 2.  As was mentioned previously, Pastor Jack will be doing a congregational assessment starting the end of March and will be interviewing a diverse group of about 50 people selected by a committee.
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During this transition period, our Church Board wants to keep the congregation informed as to what will be happening after March 12. After being in prayer and doing some research, the Board has decided that we need an interim period for our church to switch gears and prepare for an incoming, new pastor. They have been in close communication with our remaining pastors to come up with a workable solution for the next few months, and have decided to hire a part-time, interim pastor named Jack Lynn. Jack has a deep passion for people and the Lord, and has a lot of wisdom. He has served as a worship pastor and an executive pastor at a Wesleyan church in Michigan. About ten years ago he started doing consulting and interim work for churches, so he has much experience with churches going through transition. He still lives in Michigan, and will be traveling to be here in Hayward for 5 days every 2 weeks, so he will be preaching every other Sunday, as well as working with the staff, board and congregation in assessing our needs and helping us move forward. The board is guessing that he will be with us for 4-9 months until we can hire a new senior pastor.
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